Exhaust Hanger 12mm Long Single (WRX/STI MY08-21/FXT MY08-13/LGT MY04-09/BRZ/86)

Sale price$15.95


So you installed a sweet new exhaust, but the can is bigger and it’s rattling against something. Or maybe your mid-pipe is so thick that it needs some extra clearance to prevent chaffing. Either way, this is the solution.

Made of high durometer 80a urethane, our LONG 15mm exhaust hangers are stiff enough to keep all of the pipe where it belongs, and extended in length to make room for the girth.

Stiff. Long. Black. 12mm holes. 2.375” center-to-center (a full .75” longer than stock). Sold individually, no matter what the picture shows. You should probably order 5.

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