BPP Silicone PCV Hose (All EJ)

Style: Silicone Hose only
Sale price$15.00


The Boosted Performance Parts PCV Hose and optional brass fittings replaces your factory hoses for a slick, stealthy black look.

Reinforced 5-ply multi-layer quality silicone ensures that you have a reliable and durable replacement, that withstands extreme temperatures and pressures.

- Quality Multi-layered silicone
- Reinforced tube
- Tested up to 230 Degrees Celsius and 0.9MPa

- 1x BPP Silicone PCV Hose
- 2x BPP Spring Hose Clamps
- Optional Brass Fittings for Catch Can setups (view sizing options)

- All Subaru EJ Engines

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