52mm Cobb Accessport V3 Mount

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Finally! Another perfect SMY product that will make your Accessport look tits! Here we have a 52mm gauge insert with a ball on it. What is the ball for you ask? Glad you asked. This is the perfect solution for a clean install on your Cobb Accessport. Simply remove the ball part on the sticky mount that Cobb has included and install the socket and holder to the new SMY holder, Run the OBDII cable through the holder and install into any 52mm gauge pod like any of our SMY Dual Gauge Pods. Nice clean look with no wires showing. Just how we like it.

Going on a road trip and tired of your GPS falling off the window and having those annoying dirty circles on your windshield? No problem. The gauge insert can also hold your GPS and many other products with the ball and socket style mounts.

-100% ABS Plastic
-Built-In UV Protection
-Universal Fits Into ANY 52mm Pod
-Hides Wires (no more wires all over the place)
-Opening for Cobb Accessport Connector
-Universal Mounting Solution (GPS, Phones, etc...) Anything that mounts to a ball socket.

What is Included:
- Adapter for Cobb V3 Holster.  (Cobb has recently changed the size of the ball they include with their V3 so we include the correct adapter at no extra charge)

- Rubber Band

Recommended Products:
- SMY Dual Gauge Pods (3 Options SMYCLSTR27, SMYCLSTR1, SMYCLSTR15)
- Solid Modifications Vent Pod (2008-2014 WRX/STI, 2009-2013 Forester)
- Any A-Piller Pods
- Any Universal Single Gauge Pod
- ATI Clock Pods (2008-2014 WRX/STI only)  

Will fit our hand made pods but the fitment will be really tight due to the thickness of the pod wall of those pods. 

Universal (Fits Just About Any 52mm Pod)

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