Silicone Hose ‰ÛÒ 45 Degree Elbow

Size: 0.50‰۝
Colour: Black
Sale price$8.65


All Raceworks hoses feature solid 5mm walls constructed from 4-ply reinforced silicone polyester.

Dia. Imp. Dia. Metric Part # Blue Part # Black Lth mm Min. Burst Pres.
0.50‰۝ 13mm SHE-045-050BE SHE-045-050BK 102ÌÑ102 348 PSI
0.75‰۝ 19mm SHE-045-075BE SHE-045-075BK 102ÌÑ102 348 PSI
1.00‰۝ 25mm SHE-045-100BE SHE-045-100BK 102ÌÑ102 348 PSI
1.25‰۝ 32mm SHE-045-125BE SHE-045-125BK 102ÌÑ102 305 PSI
1.50‰۝ 38mm SHE-045-150BE SHE-045-150BK 102ÌÑ102 305 PSI
1.75‰۝ 44mm SHE-045-175BE SHE-045-175BK 102ÌÑ102 305 PSI
2.00‰۝ 51mm SHE-045-200BE SHE-045-200BK 102ÌÑ102 218 PSI
2.25‰۝ 57mm SHE-045-225BE SHE-045-225BK 102ÌÑ102 174 PSI
2.50‰۝ 63mm SHE-045-250BE SHE-045-250BK 125ÌÑ125 174 PSI
2.75‰۝ 70mm SHE-045-275BE SHE-045-275BK 125ÌÑ125 174 PSI
3.00‰۝ 76mm SHE-045-300BE SHE-045-300BK 125ÌÑ125 174 PSI
3.25‰۝ 83mm SHE-045-325BE SHE-045-325BK 125ÌÑ125 145 PSI
3.50‰۝ 89mm SHE-045-350BE SHE-045-350BK 125ÌÑ125 145 PSI
3.75‰۝ 95mm SHE-045-375BE SHE-045-375BK 125ÌÑ125 145 PSI
4.00‰۝ 102mm SHE-045-400BE SHE-045-400BK 152ÌÑ152 145 PSI
4.50‰۝ 114mm SHE-045-450BE SHE-045-450BK 152ÌÑ152 145 PSI
5.00‰۝ 127mm SHE-045-500BE SHE-045-500BK 152ÌÑ152 145 PSI
102mm SHE-023-400BE SHE-023-400BK 152ÌÑ152 145 PSI

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