The ultimate disc brake rotor upgrade for hard-working 4WDs

Brake system upgrades should be an important consideration for owners of four-wheel-drives, particularly those who have modified their vehicles or regularly tow caravans, boats or trailers. The addition of bar work, recovery gear and other accessories can quickly add hundreds of kilograms to a four-wheel drive’s weight, and have it close to maximum GVM once driver and passengers are included.

Fitting larger tyres also adds to braking system demands – as a general rule, if the tyre radius is increased by 10 per cent, the amount of extra braking force needed to safely bring the vehicle to a halt will also be around 10 per cent. Another consideration is the added inertia (rotating mass) that comes into play with larger tyres.

Diamond Tip Slot

Specifically designed slots and V-shaped dimples to more efficiently expel gasses, dirt and water.

The balanced pattern has evolved from racing, and allows you to feel absolute control in hard braking situations.

he specifically aligned slots and V-shaped dimples keep your brakes primed and ready for the next corner. Bendix Ultimate 4WD™ Disc Brake Rotors use dimples, rather than holes, at the precise depth to give greater braking power, while still retaining the strength of a solid rotor.

Bendix Ventilation System

The Bendix cooling pillars are engineered to channel cool air into the rotor, expelling hot air faster, and increases resistance to thermal cracks by more than 40%, to keep your brakes prepared for the next stop.

The Bendix cooling pillars pattern guides the air evenly through the rotor, and dissipates the heat evenly, to minimise distortion and deliver the ultimate braking feel.

Swiftfit Coating

Bendix Ultimate 4WD Disc Brake Rotors feature SwiftFit surface protection that allows the rotor to be fitted immediately without the need to clean anti-rust oil or coating from the surface. SwiftFit surface protection prevents corrosion of the rotor resulting in an unlimited shelf life, longer fault free service and a rust free rotor hat which is often visible behind open alloy wheels. Frequently with uncoated conventional rotors, corrosion can impact the rotor mating with the wheel hub face over time and create a vibration that will feel like a wheel imbalance.

4WD Metallurgy

Bendix Ultimate 4WD Disc Brake Rotors incorporate improved noise dampening characteristics and heat dissipation by utilising 4WD METALLURGY.

The formulation increases rotor strength at elevated temperatures, while the high wear resistance from this increased strength increases rotor durability, reducing the chance of warping when very hot.

Brand Bendix

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