W2A Water to Air Intercooler Kit (WRX/STI MY96-07)

Sale price$1,195.00


  • 750hp PRO-Series W2A Intercooler core for WRX 96-07 models


  • Light weight compact design to suit all race applications with CNC billet end tanks


  • Being a universal IC, with so many models of WRX, the customer must make own brackets to mount.


  • Achieve minimal turbo lag on this setup. Amazing throttle and turbo response thanks to ability to run short piping routes. 


  • Features screw in and bolt on fittings, allowing for unlimited hose size barbs and braided line dash fittings to be used


  • W2A intercoolers allow short track piping to be utilised - minimal turbo lag can be achieved with the right setup


  • Can be stacked on top of each other if dual or more units are required in any single application


  • The PRO - SERIES W2A system was designed for hardcore racers, where cold air temps and winning is high on the agenda


  • Plazmaman has 15 years of hard core data and experience at the forefront of Pro rear wheel drive and competition racing involving W2A and Dry Ice intercooling


  • The W2A system allows for ultra consistant air temps and balanced heat transfer


  • World ISO accreditation and Patented core design

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