Turbo Back Exhaust - Catted (WRX/STI MY01-07)

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Hyperflow is proud to release the new Subaru 2011-12 WRX/STI Sedan Quad Tip Touring Turbo-Back Exhaust System. The exhaust is a completely new system that has been designed around our brand new Touring Muffler. The Touring Muffler features our new Volume Tone Reduction (VTR) specification. The VTR specification maintains and enhances the exhaust tones you love but while eliminating the rasp and drone you hate in a performance exhaust system. These new mufflers maintain a straight-through design that aids in exhaust gas flow and maximum power potential but keep sound pressure levels reasonable at idle and while cruising. We achieved this by more than DOUBLING the internal volume of each muffler compared to our previous WRX Sedan mufflers and by utilizing a propriety quantity and blend of packing material in each muffler. The overall result has to be heard to be believed - enjoyable melodic tones of the Flat 4 Boxer engine at idle and cruise with none of the rasp and drone that can detrimental to the driving experience.

The rest of the cat-back exhaust system consists of a 3 inch in to dual 2.5 inch out Y-Pipe with free flowing mandrel bends that are aesthetically pleasing and also disperse exhaust gases efficiently. The design keeps excellent clearance to any moving parts including larger aftermarket sway bars and sway bar braces. A 3 inch midpipe with flex section and resonator complete the system and connect to your stock or aftermarket downpipe. Like all Hyperflow exhausts, all piping, flanges, and mufflers are made from T304 stainless steel, TIG welded with precision, and all have a show quality finish.

To complete the Turbo-Back system, it is supplied with the new two-piece catted downpipe which uses a massive cast 304 Stainless Steel Bellmouth that tapers to 3.0" piping where it connects to the cat-pipe. This setup allows you to swap out the cat-pipe for a catless racepipe without replacing the entire downpipe assembly.


  • All 304 Stainless Steel piping
  • Titanium style quad 3" tips
  • Oval Mufflers
  • 3" mid-pipe splitting to 2.5" y-pipe
  • Two-Piece design: Add racepipe without replacing downpipe assembly
  • Cast 304 Stainless Steel Bellmouth upper section for maximum exhaust gas flow
  • 3.5 inch diameter 304 Stainless Steel pipe tapering smoothly to 3.0 inch
  • Spare wideband oxygen sensor bung included
  • Modified pipe path to provide more ground clearance for lowered cars than previous design
  • TIG welded and polished to a show quality finish
  • 100 Cel Catalytic Converter

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