Timing Belt Kit (Evo 4-9)

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Model: Evo 4-7
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OEM Genuine Mitsubishi Timing Kit we have assembled includes the following ; 

- 1x Evo 9 Kelvar Timing Belt
- 1x Evo 4-9 Balancer Belt
- 1x Evo 4-9 Idler Bearing 
- 1x Evo 4-9 Balancer Belt Bearing 
- 1x Evo 4-9 Timing Belt Tensioner Bearing
- 1x Evo 9 Timing Belt Tensioner (Cast)
- 1x Evo 4-9 Camshaft Seals 
- 1x Evo 4-9 Balancer Oil Seal 
- 1x Evo 4-9 Front Crankshaft Seal 

This is the basic timing belt components made into a kit. 

Please note - Rocker Cover Gasket kits and water pumps sold separately. 



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