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Top Mount Verti-Cooler Intercooler (WRX 15+)

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December 2014 saw a revolution in WRX Intercooler design. We called it ‘Verticooler’ but behind the flash name this piece of Process West engineering turned conventional thinking on its head and changed the face of Subaru Top Mount Intercooling forever.

Sporting the efficiency of a Front Mount Intercooler system, and the neat compact packaging of existing Top Mount technology, Verticooler has quickly become a tuners favourite and entrenched in the world-wide Subaru tuning scene.

It’s not just the unique mounting position and catchy name that set Verticooler apart though, as the pure raw data in terms of heat rejection, pressure drop, and overall efficiency effectively reset the benchmark for Top Mount Intercoolers. Many tuners have remarked that the data they see from Verticooler resets expectation and proves that Top Mount Intercooling really is a sensible and viable high performance solution.

All the MY14 and previous Verticooler smarts have been carried over, repackaged, engineered, tested, and is now offered for MY15 cars. In short, current generation Verticooling has arrived!