Penrite Stops Oil Burning 30W-70 Engine Oil 5L

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Penrite Stops Oil Burning Engine Oil - Controls oil consumption in old or worn engines
Penrite Stops Oil Burning is a high quality premium mineral, 30W-70 engine oil designed to control oil consumption in worn or older engines.

Penrite Stops Oil Burning is a 30W-70 engine oil that has been specifically designed for older petrol engines which exhibit excessive oil consumption as a result of worn piston rings, oil rings, cylinder bore deformation, worn of broken valve stem steals, worn main seals, failing gaskets or other internal engine issues. With any of these issues, motor oil can easily leak into the combustion chamber and be burnt with fuel and expelled from the exhaust as a result. This can be harmful to engine internals, however over time it also means your oil level can become too low to properly lubricate the engine and cause some real damage. The heavier viscosity of Penrite Stops Oil Burning when cold starting and ultra high operating viscosity of this oil makes it resilient to harsh conditions where older engines would simply leak or be burnt.

From humble begginings in Melbourne, Australia in the 1920s, Penrite are one of the most recognisable lubrications suppliers and remain to be Australian made and owned to this day. With a wealth of lubrication solutions to suit all types of car, truck, bike and various other machinery, Penrite have the fluids to get your vehicle running smoothly, reliably and cleanly. Many of the Penrite oils and fluids are OEM certified and retain vehicle warranty when used to service vehicles within their warranty period. Penrite oils have been tested, refined and perfected with lab testing and real-world circumstances which sees their oils pushed to their absolute limits all with the goal to look after your engine. Penrite also offer a range of gear oils, transmission fluids, engine additives and so much more. To shop our range of oils and fluids and filters to get stuck into servicing your car and changing your engine oil, browse the Repco website using the REGO search function or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly staff today.

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