Penrite Small Engine 4 Stroke 20W-50 Engine Oil 1L

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Penrite Small Engine Four Stroke - Ideal for small engines including lawnmoers, generators and other equipment
Penrite Small Engine Four Stroke is non-friction modified 20W-50 engine oil formulated with modern additives for use in small four stroke engines. It provides complete protection against wear & corrosion and is designed to meet the lubrication needs of small four stroke engines.

Penrite Small Engine 4 Stroke Oil is an engine oil specially designed for low-capacity engines and can be used as a lawn mower oil, marine outboard or inboard engine oil, generator oil and is also suitible for a range of other gardening equipment. This small engine oil is the choice of many professionals thanks to its great performance and lubrication qualities. The non-friction modified semi-synthetic oil is formulated with modern additive packages, tailored specifically for the requirements of low displacement engines. It offers great wear protection and awesome resistance to internal corrosion to best protect your equipment and prevent aglint costly repairs or replacements.

From humble begginings in Melbourne, Australia in the 1920s, Penrite are one of the most recognisable lubrications suppliers and remain to be Australian made and owned to this day. With a wealth of lubrication solutions to suit all types of car, truck, bike and various other machinery, Penrite have the fluids to get your vehicle running smoothly, reliably and cleanly. Many of the Penrite oils and fluids are OEM certified and retain vehicle warranty when used to service vehicles within their warranty period. Penrite oils have been tested, refined and perfected with lab testing and real-world circumstances which sees their oils pushed to their absolute limits all with the goal to look after your engine. Penrite also offer a range of gear oils, transmission fluids, engine additives and so much more. To shop our range of oils and fluids and filters to get stuck into servicing your car and changing your engine oil, browse the Repco website using the REGO search function or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly staff today.

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