Penrite Pro Series Engine Boost + 500ml

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Penrite Professional Oil Booster Additive
Penrite's Professional Oil Booster Additive reduces friction and improves anti-wear performance of engine oils. Its advanced technology also helps to maintain the engine oils specifications for fuel economy, performance and longevity. Compatible with most mineral and synthetic oils, it provides increased wear protection, reducing friction by up to 10%.Penrite Professional Oil Booster Additive will not harm exhaust catalysts.

With todays vehicles built to run hundreds of thousands of kilometres it is only natural that supplementing your engine with a quality additive can ensure trouble free motoring and lessen more costly repairs down the track. In the mad scramble of modern life the need to detox and look after yourself is always important and this is very much the same for your cars engine.

Repco stock a large range of engine treatments, oil flushes and engine conditioners that can keep your new car in tip top condition or help protect your high mileage older vehicle with our range of oil stabilisers or stop smoke products. The abundance of switches and sensors throughout an engine provide vital feedback to monitor its condition but any of these can contribute to poor running or excess fuel consumption if permitted to get clogged or dirty. Repco stock a range of engine cleaners to help combat this and ensure your engine is working its best, so for these and the best range of engine additives shop online or visit a store near you.

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