Penrite Demineralised Water 1L

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Penrite Demineralised Water - Used in OEM pre-mix coolant applications
Penrite Demineralised Water is a clear, colourless and odourless purified water that has been refined by removing harmful mineral ions, salts and other impurities such as Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Chloride, Sulphate, Nitrate and bicarbonate that can cause destabilisation of other chemicals with which it is mixed. It is also known as deionised water and used in OEM Approved Coolant Premix solutions. APPLICATIONDemineralised Water is suitable for mixing with engine coolants to achieve the desired concentration level of the Coolant. It can be used with both TYPE A (Anti-Freeze Anti-Boil) coolants and Type B (Inhibitor Only) coolants. It is suitable for all conventional type coolants including OAT and Hybrid type concentrates. It reduces mineral Scale build up and the possibility of premature corrosion of the cooling system. It also lowers the possibility of a chemical reaction between the Coolant, water and materials used in the radiator. Demineralised Water can be used as a straight top up in cooling systems where the appropriate Coolant is not available, although this will reduce the coolants concentration level and can alter the Coolant performance. If used as top up, it is recommended that the Coolant also be topped to the correct concentration level. (Penrite recommend using Penrite OEM Approved Coolants for optimum performance, protection and longevity of the Coolant and the cooling system). Demineralised Water can also be used in lead acid batteries as the reduction in mineral and salt ions that are commonly found in tank and tap water can drastically shorten the lifespan of a lead-acid battery. Effects of not using demineralised water are corrosion of the positive plate and mineral contaminates in the electrolyte solution which can effect metallic components and hence a loss in performance. Demineralised Water can also be used in many other applications such as steam irons, aquariums, autoclaves, laboratory, laser cutting and many more. It is also ideal for watering indoor and delicate plants as it will not cause a build-up of minerals in the soil.

With a whole range of coolant to suit various different vehicles and engine types, Penrite have your cooling system covered when it comes time to service your car. Just like engine oil, it is important to choose the right coolant to suit your engine when servicing your car, with a range covering a whole wealth of applications, Penrite is a great option when it comes time to give your car some attention. With green coolant, red coolant and blue coolant available as well as pre-mix coolant, concentrate coolant and top up solutions and even high-performance race coolant, Penrite have what it takes to do a full service on your car. Penrite also offer a range of OEM-approved coolants which retain manufacturer warranty on relevant vehicles and ensures the best possible performance for vehicles outside of their warranty period to ensure they can run smoothly and reliably with the correct operating temperatures after each service. Penrite offer coolant solutions which are suitable for use in a range of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, 4x4s, heavy-duty vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, marine engines, race cars and older veteran and vintage motors. When changing your coolant, it's a great practice to run a radiator / cooling system flush to clean out any deposits in cooling system components and also give all of your radiator and heater hoses a quick visual inspection for any signs of wear including cracking or splits.

From humble begginings in Melbourne, Australia in the 1920s, Penrite are one of the most recognisable lubrications suppliers and remain to be Australian made and owned to this day. With a wealth of lubricat

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