Adhesive Silver Thermal Barrier Plus Sheet (24" x 24")

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The PTP Adhesive Thermal Barrier Plus is designed to reflect heat from heat damaging sources. Popular locations for application of the barrier include firewalls, fuel tanks, transmission tunnels, exhaust areas, fuel cells, and much more. In addition to extreme heat protection, the Adhesive Thermal Barrier Plus provides excellent sound deadening to decrease engine and road noise.

PTP Adhesive Thermal Barrier Plus is constructed from glass fiber mat interwoven with glass filament yarn, laminated with a 0.1mm thick imprinted aluminum foil, and equipped with a high-quality self-adhesive material based on acrylate. The overall construction is only 1/8" thick to enable installation in minimal clearance areas. It's easy to install, can be shaped and trimmed for custom applications, and easily bonds to virtually any clean surface.

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