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ID1050X (WRX MY01-14/STI MY01-17)

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Injector Dynamics is proud to release the ID1050x, the latest addition to the X Series - A true Motorsport injector from the unique partnership of Injector Dynamics and Bosch Motorsport.

The major selling points are detailed in the linked internet ready ad.  Additionally, we have provided numerous details for your sales associates so they can better serve your customers.

The ID1050x is the latest addition to the X Series, a line of injectors designed and built in partnership with Bosch Motorsport. The X Series injectors are not modified production parts, they are a true motorsport injector designed to address the specific needs of our market.
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The ID1050x, like the ID1700x has the ID logo molded into the body at the Bosch production facility.  This helps to prevent counterfeiting, and further distinguishes the product as a true purpose built injector.  (Note: Starting June 2017, the ID1300x will also include the molded logo.)
The ID1050x is compatible with all fuels, and capable of extended service life with highly corrosive fuels.
The ID1050x shares the same compact body as the ID1300x, and ID1700x, allowing fitment in the greatest number of applications, including GM LS engines which were not previously served by the longer ID1000.
The ID1050x has a replaceable inlet screen, unlike the standard captured non replaceable filter that does not always respond well to ultrasonic cleaning.
The ID1050x has an improved magnetic circuit (The same as the ID1300x) which allows for stable operation at high pressure, extending the useful flow range of the injector.  For extreme applications, the ID1050x can be run as high as 10 bar (145 psi)
The ID1050x has an improved flow path, increasing flow approximately 5% over the ID1000, with no reduction in low flow capabilities.
The Injector Dynamics Fuel Flow Calculator has been updated to include the ID1050x, and should help you select the best injector for the application.  
                      Injector Dynamics Fuel Flow Calculator