Engine VRS Gasket Kit (Evo 9)

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Genuine Mitsubishi Gasket Kit for Evo 4-9. Includes everything pictured. If you‰۪re doing a full rebuild, you won‰۪t find a better value by piecing the parts together!

PleaseåÊselect your car from the drop-down menuåÊto get the correct gasket kit.

  • Gasket, Oil Screen
  • Gasket, Oil Pump Case
  • Gasket, Oil Filter
  • Gasket, Water Pump
  • Gasket, Oil Return Pipe
  • Gasket, Oil Return Pipe
  • Gasket, Air Outlet Fitting
  • Oil Seal
  • Oil Seal
  • Oil Seal
  • Oil Seal
  • Oil Seal
  • Gasket, Exhaust Manifold
  • Gasket, Exhaust Fitting
  • Gasket, Turbo Charger
  • Gasket, Intake Manifold
  • Gasket Cylinder
  • O Ring
  • Gasket, Oil Drain Plug
  • O Ring (9)
  • Gasket (10)
  • Gasket Union Nipple
  • Packing, Governor Pipe
  • O Ring, Water Pipe
  • Gasket, Rocker Cover B
  • Seal, Valve Stem In (grey)
  • Seal, Valve Stem Ex (green)
  • Washer Seal
  • Gasket, Rocker Cover, A

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