Radiator Expansion Tank BLACK (WRX MY01-07/STI MY01-21/FXT 03-08)

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Aeroflow Performance has constructed this durable, TIG-welded aluminium coolant expansion tank. Stock coolant expansion tanks are prone to failure after years of constant temperature variations, the plastic material becomes brittle. Our Fabricated tank features barbed fittings and a 50% increase in capacity compared to factory. The barb fittings are removable and can be replaced for AN style fittings which are sold separately. 

Tank Dimensions

Length: 110mm

Width: 110mm

Height: 97mm

Replacement Cap: AF64-5032P


2x -8 ORB to 1/2" Barb

1x -6 ORB to 3/8" Barb

1x 1/8" NPT to 3/8" Barb 

Capacity: 0.77 Litres

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