Sportsman Con Rods w/ARP 2000 (EJ205/EJ207/EJ255/EJ257)

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Although the name implies that the Sportsman is a 2nd tier part, the Sportsman incorporates every feature of the premier BC625+ rod, only that the fasteners have been changed to the more economical, yet venerable ARP2000 bolt, rated to 220,000 p.s.i. The Sportsman is rated in excess of 200HP per cylinder and priced for the everyday performance buff.

Description # Qty # C-to-C BE Bore BE Width PE Bore PE Width Gram Wt
Subaru EJ205/EJ257 - Sportsman w/ARP2000 Fasteners 4 5.141" 2.166" .843" .905" .843" 550

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