3 Port Boost Solenoid (WRX MY15-21/Levorg MY16-21/Forester MY14-18)

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Pierburg is one of the biggest names in Europe and have made these 3 port boost solenoids for PRODRIVE.
for the likes This 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid,made in Germany,is a direct replacement on the Subaru 2015+ WRX FA Engines 

Unlike the factory solenoid,this 3-Port Solenoid allows you to raise the factory boost levels with more response and adding more control.

With this solenoid no boost pressure is allowed through to the actuator so no premature boost can occur. The 3-Port Solenoid allows lower wastgate duty cycle to produce higher boost pressures with much greater control,thereby allowing tuners more “headroom” and “space” when modifying high horsepower turbo vehicles.

The kit includes the 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid and harness for plug and play install with Subaru 2015+ WRX and Brackets to make it for easy Plug and Play application.

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