Built tough for Aussie conditions, this comprehensive kit includes specially compounded high performance ceramic material brake pads for increased stopping power in extreme conditions plus the latest Bendix Ultimate 4WD Disc Brake Rotors and calipers designed and developed specifically for Australia’s demanding conditions. Bendix Ultimate 4WD Big Brake Upgrade Kits are available for selected 4WD wagons and dual cab utes.

Why do the brake upgrade?

  • 4x4 ute’s brakes are smaller dimensioned to many of the family cars and SUVs.
  • Once additional accessories and load is added, braking performance deteriorates further. It is not uncommon to see 400+ kgs of additional accessories added to the base vehicle (i.e. bull bar, winch ,lights, roof-rack, fridges, camping equipment, etc).
  • Larger diameter tyres also detract from the vehicles braking performance.

Drum to Disc conversion: How Does it work?

The Ultimate 4WD Big Brake Upgrade Kit (Rear Kit) comes with a full drum to disc conversion kit.

The conversion kit removes all OE drum assembly and replaces it with the brake disc and hydraulic caliper.

The kit also contains a replacement park brake mechanism within the drum that is operated by the OE park brake cable.

The installation of the kit requires the removal of all components from the vehicle axles. This is why the kit comes complete with replacement bearings and seals (ABS rings and collars in some kits).

What kind of performance improvements can you expect?

  • An unmodified PX series Ford Ranger requires 41.5 meters to stop from 80km/h.
  • The same Ford Ranger fitted with the Bendix Big Brake upgrades (big front & drum-to-disc rear) came to a complete stop from 80km/h in 32.5 meters. An improvement of 9 meters or 1.5 car lengths.
  • An improvement of 9 meters or 1.5 car lengths.

Advantages for certain types of vehicles

  • Any vehicle that has had mass added to it by the addition of accessories as above, carries trade tools or a performance upgrade.
  • Any 4x4s that regularly tow heavy caravans, boats or trailers.
  • Disc brakes also continue to perform well when wet, unlike drum brakes, so 4x4s used in off-road conditions, river crossings, etc.

Rear Kit Contents

  • 2 x Ultimate 4WD Disc Brake Rotors
  • 1 Set x Ultimate 4WD Brake Pads
  • 2 x Bendix Calipers
  • Bracket Mounting Kit
  • Park Brake Mechanism
  • 1 Rear Set x Ultimate 4WD Brake Hoses
  • 1 Litre Heavy Duty Brake Fluid
  • Access to the ADR Master Report
  • 1 x Can Bendix Cleanup
  • 1 x Tube Ceramasil Brake Parts Lubricant
  • 1 x 60L Icebox
Brand Bendix

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